StorySwap 2011…it’s for the public, and it’s FREE!
As a storytelling guild, it's our Thanksgiving gift to Utah and beyond for all ages.

Storytelling is an ancient art. It is all about telling stories without a script or notes to the delight of millions around the world. We are in the midst of a Renaissance in storytelling, with many professional tellers in the U.S. Many well known storytellers will be at our event!

StorySwap takes place in Salt Lake City this year on Nov. 18-19, and we’re excited!  This marks our 20th anniversary as a Guild, and it will be an event to remember! This is the Utah Storytelling Guild’s annual event and professional storytellers from all over Utah will be here. It will be hosted by the Olympus Chapter of the USG.

About Utah Storytelling Guild

The Utah Storytelling Guild is the official membership organization for storytellers in the state of Utah. USG has six chapters covering the entire state of Utah, Southern Idaho and reaching into Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado.
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